In Wind Power LAB our core services are within blade expertise, repair recommendations and AI.

We offer three options for blade inspections:

  1. Our clients can capture the images on their own, in line with our image requirements, in order for us to process the images and turn these into blade insights. We can handle full inspection data sets and revert with a blade defect assessment report with repair recommendations. Contact us to learn more.
  2. You can also simply just send us selected blade images you would like our blade experts to evaluate. By doing so you avoid to mobilize expensive inspection campaigns and processing fees. Read more about our image to advice service here.
  3. We can help inspecting your wind turbine blades with our internal inspection team, using ground based or drone based camera inspection. We currently offer blade inspections both onshore and offshore. For offshore we include logistics and weather risk in our service together with Esvagt.  Contact us to learn more about our services.