Mille Beck Klintø – Sales Director
Asset management software expertise, focusing on creating great value for our customers. Mille is subject matter expert on customer needs and translating these into specific services for our customers.

(+45) 3132 1006
mbk[ @ ]

Ulf Rye Bertelsen – Country Sales Responsible Spain
Providing customers in Spain with Wind Power LAB services. Ulf has profound customer wind industry insights and contributes with more than 17 years of technical sales expertise from the wind industry.

sales[ @ ]


Rasmus Madsen – Senior Inspection Specialist
Blade inspections for clients and image processing expertise. Rasmus is subject matter expert on data acquisition and quality, facilitating the link between blade inspections and automated defect insights.

Hristo Shkalov – Blade Specialist
Superior blade knowledge, from an asset management point of view. Hristo is subject matter expert on wind turbine blades. He has great experience from wind farm operation of blades.

Thies Loeck – GIS Specialist
Spatial analysis and geoinformatics specialist, connecting dots on the maps with wind turbine defect insights. Thies is specialised in LIDAR technology and terrain models.



Anders Røpke – CEO & Founder
Industry knowledge and asset management expertise, with more than 10 years of experience from the wind industry. Anders is CEO and subject matter expert on business development within the wind industry.

(+45) 3048 2448
ar[ @ ]

Andreas Espersen – CTO & Co-founder
Data management expertise, solution and database design. Andreas is CTO and subject matter expert on data and implementation. He has a background from software development to the wind industry.

(+45) 3027 0227
ace[ @ ]

Troels Marstrand – Chief Data Scientist, PhD & Co-founder 
Applied Image recognition, statistics and machine learning expertise. Troels is subject matter expert on AI and image recognition. Troels has a background from the pharma industry.

Morten Handberg – Chief Blade Specialist & Partner
Superior blade and composite knowledge. Morten is subject matter expert on wind turbine blades. He has extensive experience from the wind industry, both from production, testing and operation of blades.


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