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On-Demand Blade Expertise

Blade Expertise When you Need It

Access to blade expertise is crucial for any wind farm asset owner. To operate a wind farm effectively, blade maintenance must be paramount. With our On-Demand Blade Expertise you can expand your back office with industry leading blade experts embedding a best practice operator experience, when needed. Get advice on blade issues proactively or reactively and avoid excess back-office capacity at the same time.

Activate WPL services, when in need of blade expertise.

Image To Advice

Do you want to avoid mobilizing another company for your inspections? No problem.

Wind Power LAB can assess any drone or ground-based images, or video footage of your wind turbine blades. Along with our trusted partners Nordic Wind Consultants, our Image to Advice also covers gear boxes, bearings & grease/oil challenges. Wind Power LAB manages all blade defect inquiries while Nordic Wind Consultant’s experts will manage the drivetrain and bearing inquiries.

Whenever you need dynamic expertise, upload an image of your blade defect, a video of your oil leakage, or an audio file with the noise that seems to indicate a fault. Within 2 working days, Wind Power LAB will have assessed your defect, and will be ready to hand over an action recommendation to you.

Let our knowledge be your knowledge.

blade defect process

How It Works


Capture your blade defect with a camera, a video of your grease leakage or audio from the ticking noise – any and all data can help us


Upload your files following the instructions on the website. If you need assistance reach out to the team via our contacts page


Precise and comprehensive assessment reports are produced, that outline the specific actions needed to enable a cost-effective and timely solution


Receive a thorough repair recommendation report of the defect from our skilled specialists. This is where you get data to support your OPEX budget

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Root Cause Analysis

Wind Power LAB root cause analysis services (RCA) provides insurers and wind turbine owners the proximate cause for a wind turbine blade failure.

You will receive a technical RCA report with detailed information sufficient to assess turbine reconstruction cost accountabilities, covering assessment of found defects, a discussion of possible defect origin, and a conclusion on determined failure root cause(s) with supporting key evidence.

Wind Power LAB’s RCA Team comprises of individual experts on all things that affect blades, lightning attachments/systems, structural defects, manufacturing errors, etc. Let our forensic fact finders shed light on complex blade failure issues.

Remote Inspection

On-Site Forensics

Blade failure cases have grown worldwide with the expansion of the wind industry. To make things more difficult for asset owners, insurers and claims adjusters, independent expertise is hard to come by. Our Specialist RCA Team is here to help. Many claims go uncontested due to missing or insufficient on-site blade inspections.  RCA will either support a claim with on-site data or provide facts in order to adjust loss.

                         Case Example – Structural Damage Claimed As Lightning Damage

  • A blade collapsed at a wind farm, the damage occurred during high winds and a lightning strike was detected on the blade.
  • The original claim identified the lightning as the cause of the blade collapse.
  • However, a Root Cause Analysis study revealed that poor adhesion between web and shell caused the blade to collapse. This identification saved the company 1 million EUR in expected loss.

Our expert forensic Teams can be mobilized worldwide to investigate blade failures. For some cases, it is more effective to have the expert on-site physically exploring the case matter to understand the failure mode more accurately.  For other incidents, we can complete investigations remotely while following a specific inspection plan prepared by our experts for the case at hand.

How it works


Review of all documentation provided to or researched by our Specialist Team regarding the specific case. Initial meeting with stakeholders to ensure all affected data is properly delivered.


Current blade condition report, event summary, and conditions around the damaged blade will be investigated to support an on-site or remote inspection. Investigation plan will be created.


Blades will be inspected and damages on significant blade parts will be documented on-site or remotely (case dependent). All associated information gathered to be able to properly assess the case.


Through analysis of blade conditions and damages, discussions are enabled to indicate possible defect development scenarios. Our Blade specialists review conclusions, and we can support you in further stakeholder meetings..

RCA Offerings

Rubber Stamp

Rubber Stamp

EVALUATION of third-party RCA documentation, repaired or replaced YES/NO, 24 hours service

Desktop Review

Desktop Review

DESKTOP REVIEW = Desktop review of provided documentation, RCA based on existing data

Field Investigation

Field Investigation

ON-SITE DOCUMENTATION = On-site or remote active inspection and documentation, RCA from zero

Custom Case

Custom Case

SPECIAL CASE - Blade damage assessment and documentation, on-site or remote investigation +++

Client Testimonials

Service Offerings

On-Demand Expertise

Blade expertise when you urgently need it. Gather input from our highly skilled blade specialists quickly - we’ve got you covered

Blade Diagnostics

Let us support you in developing maintenance strategies, end-of-warranty campaigns, or when in doubt

Field Service Offerings

Guidance and assistance for internal and external inspection campaigns. Understand the condition of your assets holistically

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Wind Power LAB is a Danish company, founded in 2016 by a passionate group of wind power industry professionals. Our team of experts based in Copenhagen offers market leading expertise related to blade risk management. Our goal is to deliver the best available and robust solutions to empower our clients with the ability to make decisions to optimize their asset performance.