Wind Turbine Operators

Wind Turbine Operators

Wind Power LAB can assist you from the planning of your inspection scope to defining your repair scope. Our partners can help you with the wind turbine blade repairs or you can have your preferred repair company do the repairs, based on our repair recommendation report.

By using our know-how and best practices, we provice specialist knowledge in the entire life of your blade. From when the blade leaves the factory to end of service. We call it our End to End Blade Expertise.

  • Time Saving
  • Defined repair scope
  • Optimized OPEX cost and budgeting
  • Secure knowledge transfer in your organization
  • Factory inspections of your wind turbine blades

“Wind Power LAB has a great technical expertise and a very good sense of customer service. They are very flexible and could always meet our business and operative requirements, to deliver detailed and comprehensive Maintenance Strategy, Repair recommendations, and participate into reducing our turbine downtime and operational costs.”

“We are provided with more precise blade defect assessment material prior to the repair season, handed over to us through great customer service in a way where we were directed to relevant blade issues to prioritize. This enables us to challenge and alter our planned blade repair scope and organize our maintenance and repair execution much more effectively”

“WPL delivered assessments in very high quality
and to the specific client’s defect definition.”