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Global Blade Expertise - Shared

Our team of Blade Specialists are actively engaged influencers across the Social Media spectrum, who regularly provide wind industry updates via the medium of informational webinars related to pressing and current issues. We suggest solutions for ongoing problems, discuss causes, and effects of blade issues, whilst providing insights into the world of blades. We are always looking for suggestions for the next Blade Specialist Webinar – please reach out to suggest one!

Root Cause Analysis

Wind Power LAB offer Root Cause Analysis for wind turbine blade damages, defects, and other issues. There have been many instances whereby a service level agreement or insurance claim opinion differ from what the asset owner believes is the issue. Other problems arise with force majeure claims, lightning damages, or manufacturing defects. Morten Handberg, Chief Blade Officer at Wind Power LAB, walks you through an understanding of WPL’s Root Cause Analysis service and how it may be of use to you.

Internal Drone Inspections

Wind Power LAB’s CEO, Anders Ropke provides an overview of WPL’s innovative internal inspection technology solution. The discussion includes an overview of the methodology, advantages, challenges and why it is important to gather internal data for a complete assessment of your blades. The HSE advantages are clear, the ‘WHY’ is understood, and now so is the method.

Image To Advice

Wind Power LAB’s blade damage subject matter expert; Hristo Shaklov and CEO;Anders Røpke discuss our Image to Advice service. WPL deliver on-demand blade expertise to our clients through an online platform with end-to-end publication taking 1 working day. We back up this bespoke service with a handover meeting from one of our experts detailing the exact damage/defect analysis, repair/service recommendations, and specific next steps to help you make actionable decisions.

Blade De-icing

Wind Power LAB’s Chief Blade Officer; Morten Handberg, delivers a highly engaging presentation on mitigations for de-icing systems in wind turbine blades. The discussion includes information on de-icing systems, their related defects, and how to mitigate them to ensure wind turbine uptime.

Wind Turbine Blade Fatigue

Wind Power LAB’s Chief Blade Officer; Morten Handberg, joins the Uptime Podcast Team to discuss wind turbine blade fatigue cracks and how operators can diagnose and creative preventative maintenance plans.

Wind Power LAB is a Danish company, founded in 2016 by a passionate group of wind power industry professionals. Our team of experts based in Copenhagen offers market leading expertise related to blade risk management. Our goal is to deliver the best available and robust solutions to empower our clients with the ability to make decisions to optimize their asset performance.