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Successful End of Warranty campaign for your wind turbine blades 

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Wondering about the key to a successful End of Warranty (EoW) campaign? It starts with strategic planning. Our approach involves scheduling internal and external blade inspections close to the end of the warranty date, allowing possible defects to develop while maintaining ample time for in-depth assessments and data analysis. 

External Inspections

Get to know the external surface condition. This includes leading edge protection performance, erosion development rates, and detection of structural damages in the outer laminate layers, lightning protection system, potential lightning attachments, and the condition of receptors and add-ons.  

Internal Inspections

We detect manufacturing nonconformities, early-life fatigue damages, and defects in adhesive bond lines, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation.

end of warranty wind turbine blade

Benefit from Our Analysis and Maintenance Actions

All the value comes with our in-depth assessments. We provide precise maintenance actions for each damage, facilitating a smooth transition with detailed claim documents. Wind Power LAB defines the best recommended actions for every defect group. 

Beyond the immediate technical scrutiny, there exist economic imperatives in documenting necessary repairs. The end of warranty documentation  package becomes a bulwark against unexpected costs post end of warranty, ensuring a more predictable financial trajectory.

Guiding You Through the End of Warranty Journey

Navigating the complexities of a wind farm transitioning out of warranty can be daunting. Drawing from our extensive experience, Wind Power LAB has effectively executed numerous end-of-warranty campaigns for clients globally, providing unwavering support throughout the entire process. Trust Wind Power LAB to be your dedicated guide, leveraging our expertise and cutting-edge tools that empower you to take charge. We are committed to assisting you at every stage, guaranteeing the sustained longevity and optimal performance of your wind turbines.

Connect with Wind Power LAB

How can we assist you in optimizing your End of Warramty campaign? Let’s discuss your unique needs. Reach out to our blade specialists at Wind Power LAB, and let our experience guide you toward longevity and optimal performance for your wind turbines in years to come. 

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