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What we do

Blade Specialist Services

Access to blade expertise is crucial for any wind farm asset owner. In order to operate a wind farm effectively blade maintenance must be paramount. With our On-Demand Blade Expertise and Blade Diagnostics services you can expand your back-office with industry leading blade experts and best practice operator experience, when needed. Get advice on blade issues when they occur and avoid excess back-office capacity at the same time. Turn WPL on and off like getting a drink from the water tap.

WPL’s blade experts turn your asset inspection data into calculated actions and planning of blade repair, maintenance, or retrofit in due time. As a result, you can operate your wind farm prudently, holistically understanding blade condition and avoiding unnecessary OPEX cost from blade repairs.

Our Team will help you to motivate all blade work scopes with data analysis and specific blade expertise. This is the key to data driven blade maintenance.

On-Demand Expertise

Blade expertise when you suddenly need it. Gather input from our highly skilled blade specialists quickly - we’ve got you covered

Blade Diagnostics

Let us support you in developing maintenance strategies, end-of-warranty campaigns, or when in doubt

Field Service Offerings

Guidance and assistance for internal and external inspection campaigns. Understand the condition of your assets holistically

On-Demand Expertise

On-Demand Expertise

Wind Power LAB’s individual Team members are subject matter experts in many different wind turbine blade subjects. Whether you need assistance on how lightning may (or will) damage your blades, where to apply leading edge protection, or how to schedule blade maintenance – we are here for you.

Image To Advice

The quickest way to external expert support for your immediate blade issues. Inquiry turn-around in 24 hours.

Root Cause Analysis

Our fact finders can tell you when, how, what happened to your blades. Global support across multiple industry sectors.

Blade Expert Diagnostics

Blade Expert Diagnostics

Wind Power LAB blade diagnostic services offers blade defect assessments and repair recommendations, AEP loss estimation, maintenance strategy and suggestions as well as many other blade specific insights based on video or imagery and available turbine data.

Wind Diagnostic Platform

Blade inspections data from any and all sources, in one easy to digest online location

Blade Maintenance Strategy

Maintaining performance integrity through the entire blade life-cycle, in a smart way

Repair Recommendations

Curious about ROI in blade maintenance campaigns? What should you fix and when

AEP Loss Estimation

Blade condition affecting performance? Our proven AEP loss forecasting can help

Inspection Processing

WPL can turn any image or video inspection data into actionable insights

Defect Analysis

Our bespoke software tools, plus specific blade experts dive into your blade condition

Field Service Offerings

Field Service Offerings

Wind Power LAB offers internal and external blade inspections, Root Cause Analysis site investigations, commissioning QC and various other specialist blade expert deployments as part of our Field Service Offerings. Where you need us, when you need us – our global pool of experts can help.

External Inspections

Inspection by drone, your team, 3rd party, or by our WPL

Internal Inspections

Inspect blades internally to identify hidden blade defects

Commissioning QC

We perform baseline surveys on-site and/or at the factory

Wind Power LAB is a Danish company, founded in 2016 by a passionate group of wind power industry professionals. Our team of experts based in Copenhagen offers market leading expertise related to blade risk management. Our goal is to deliver the best available and robust solutions to empower our clients with the ability to make decisions to optimize their asset performance.