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Blade Data Analysis

Wind Power LAB blade data services offer blade defect analysis, repair recommendations, and AEP loss estimations among other advanced analysis themes.

Each of these services are formulated utilization inspection data – imagery, video and/or available SCADA information. From our defect analysis we build repair recommendations based on data and experience. Our team create blade maintenance strategies to help asset owners/managers by proactively fusing in accurate blade defect assessments as decision points.

All defect analysis data, repair recommendations, and other blade services, are available for our clients – online – through our Wind Diagnostics platform.

Inspection Data Processing

When imagery, video content, and/or SCADA data from field inspections have been uploaded to the WPL cloud, data processing begins. We determine distances, measurements, investigate defects, annotate properly, and determine the severity of all blade anomalies. The quality of the inspection data is of vital importance in order to turn the received information into actionable decisions. With that being said, our team has explored and investigated the majority of all market available inspection solutions. WPL can intake RAW data or reports from the majority of inspection methods and systems available today. We regularly continue these efforts as solutions arise.

The ultimate objective is to ensure WPL are a hub point in the market to enable the intake of data from many sources.

We pride ourselves in offering the best available solution on the market for accurate and insightful blade analytics. Through delivering our intuitive solutions to our ever-growing client base, we are able to adapt to industry needs and maintain a host of blade expertise to do so.

Blade Defect Analysis

Based on field data from any source, our defect analysis is individualized within our market segment.

WPL have the ability to work with data from any source: drone, ground-based, rope access, you name it.  All imagery, video content, and associated metadata are processed, pixel by pixel. Blade defects are identified via our bespoke processing method, with locations on blade and severity categorization added within the process. Our team of blade experts adhere to the stringent processes to perform QC checks on all the preliminary data analysis, blending in their individual specialist knowledge, to enrich the blade defect data analysis.

All inspection data is reviewed by experts in their individual specialty – lightning, AEP, Leading Edge, structural/fatigue issues, etc. This further demonstrated how WPL’s premium service offering, sets them apart from the competition.

blade defect process

How It Works?

Step 1 | PLAN

A proper plan is needed to collect any inspection data. Our experts will stand beside you while we decide - together – the best method to collect internal and external inspection data.

Step 2 | COLLECT

Ideally, you deliver data to us. We can guide you on data collection, we can send our Inspection Specialists to the field, use a third party to collect or utilize your existing inspection data.

Step 3 | PROCESS

Your blade data is uploaded to our secure platform for automated analysis – bespoke AI algorithms assess data to determine anomalies. Next, our blade experts review the output.


Precise and comprehensive blade defect assessment reports are then produced, outlining the specific repairs that are needed to enable cost-effective strategies for maintenance budget optimization.

Step 5 | HAND OVER

WPL prides itself on our analysis hand overs. Walking through every aspect of the defect assessment report with your team, and addressing your specific issues.

AEP Loss Estimation

We offer AEP loss estimation as an added service for asset management decision making.

AEP loss estimating can aid in decisions around Leading Edge maintenance and/or investing in LEP solutions. Is the loss from leading edge erosion great enough to warrant investment in an LEP solution from a production and blade integrity point of view? Our AEP loss estimate will provide the accurate analysis for your asset management decision making. We can help with the strategy around those difficult ROI decisions as well.

Repair Recommendations

Based on our data analysis, we factor in the timing of blade repair work, in relation to every single identified blade defect.

From these insights, your asset management strategy gets timing and scope definitions based on accurate blade defect data. This is fundamental in your next technical asset management strategy. Fix what you need to – when you need to – whilst feeling confident with your OPEX spend, by applying data driven decisions.

Blade Maintenance Strategies

Building on data driven blade repair recommendations, a blade maintenance strategy can be established. With a forward-looking approach regarding inspection planning, repair and retrofit; lifetime expectations will be curated for your specific wind farm. The blade maintenance strategy is your technical asset management plan for operating your wind farm – from a blade specialist perspective.

Online Blade Diagnostic Platform - Wind Diagnostics

All blade assessments, repair recommendations, and timings are added to the WPL blade diagnostic platform; Wind Diagnostics. From here you get online access to inspection data, data analysis, repair recommendations, and have the ability to download your repair scope. You can use Wind Diagnostics to plan your next repair campaign and keep track of your repair execution.

The WPL team are regularly updating the capabilities within Wind Diagnostics based on client input. As of late, we have added a self-service option for users to upload historical or newly acquired inspection data of their own if desired. New developments are always coming – stay tuned!

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Service Offerings

On-Demand Expertise

Blade expertise when you urgently need it. Gather input from our highly skilled blade specialists quickly - we’ve got you covered

Blade Diagnostics

Let us support you in developing maintenance strategies, end-of-warranty campaigns, or when in doubt

Field Service Offerings

Guidance and assistance for internal and external inspection campaigns. Understand the condition of your assets holistically

Wind Power LAB is a Danish company, founded in 2016 by a passionate group of wind power industry professionals. Our team of experts based in Copenhagen offers market leading expertise related to blade risk management. Our goal is to deliver the best available and robust solutions to empower our clients with the ability to make decisions to optimize their asset performance.