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Data Collection and Investigation

Secure relevant asset data with our Field Services, to support establishment of commissioning baselines, defect assessments and repair recommendations, repair scope decisions, and data driven asset management strategies.

Our Field Services can also document blade integrity at factory, pre-commissioning, and forensic investigations relating to blade failures, insurance claims, and due diligence activities.

Internal and External Blade Inspections – A Complete View of Your Asset

The need for a holistic view of your wind turbine blades is critical to making proper decisions about maintenance and repair operations. An operator can sleep better at night understanding that they are in control of developing blade risk.  Inspections can be reactive or proactive, and WPL targets the latter, with proper planning to support your operations safely, efficiently, and in the most cost-effective manner.

WPL uses in-house technicians, third party providers, and the client’s own inspection data collection to achieve:

  • Identification of internal and external blade defects eligible for repair
  • Input for blade repair campaign planning scope, duration, and urgency
  • Overview of defects and blade risks on turbines, highlighting mitigating actions
  • Documentation of areas inside blades that are not possible to reach with technicians
  • Superior data coverage, as all surfaces are inspected
  • Gain a complete view of the condition of the existing blade assets
  • Enable control of current and developing blade defect risk 
  • Motivation of accurate repair scope utilizing high-quality blade defect assessment and repair recommendation data 
  • Avoid unnecessary lost production due to too broad repair scope, reducing downtime
  • Better future planning and blade defect risk mitigation 
  • Provision of tools and knowledge for controlling the repair process 
  • Improved HSE focussed internal drone inspections – this method is completed without entering confined space 
  • Improved HSE focussed external drone inspections – this method does not expose personnel to rope access risks

Internal Blade Inspections

Some blade defects are only visible on the inside of a wind turbine blade. As a result, internal blade inspections will have to be carried out to identify delaminated areas, flash overs, and other defect types. Classically, internal blade inspections were carried out by teams of technicians holding confined space certificates and specialized training. The HSE, efficiency, and advanced accuracy alternative, is drone based internal blade inspections.  This methodology provides greater data coverage, and documentation of all internal blade surfaces and joints that are accessible – down to 50cm diameter. Wind Power LAB offers internal blade inspections as part of our Field Services.

External Blade Inspections

WPL enables our clients to collect external inspection data in the method that best suits their operational strategy. Our in-house specialists can collect data for you, or Wind Power LAB can build scopes and act as a lead with trusted external inspection service providers. We have scoured the market to align with the best options we can find – depending on geographic location.

Some of our client’s self-perform external blade inspections utilizing drones – when they have time and resources available. We support our clients in planning the work and increase their capability in obtaining the best possible imagery and video materials. Our clients then upload data onto our cloud platform for processing where we turn the inspection images into repair work orders and OPEX budgets, supporting our clients in executing data driven asset management strategies.

Client Testimonials

Baseline Commissioning

Transportation damages are expensive and occur when blades are transported from factory to installation site by truck, vessel, and lifted up for installation. Blade transportation damages can be severe and have an impact on turbine blade integrity as early as the commissioning stage. It is recommended to establish a commissioning baseline for blade defects present, in order to track and document any developments in the initial operating years.

Factory Blade QA/QC

Enabling blade integrity and performing an overall quality check of blades before leaving factory will ensure that manufacturing issues are caught at an early stage. This can give you peace of mind and the relevant documentation to keep all stakeholders informed before your blades are transported to site.  Our QA/QC services ensure the commissioning of blades is completed to the highest possible standard, ensuring optimum blade longevity, whilst avoiding post-commissioning blade repairs of production related defects.

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Wind Power LAB is a Danish company, founded in 2016 by a passionate group of wind power industry professionals. Our team of experts based in Copenhagen offers market leading expertise related to blade risk management. Our goal is to deliver the best available and robust solutions to empower our clients with the ability to make decisions to optimize their asset performance.