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Can you control lightning risk?

Harnessing wind energy is a remarkable stride towards sustainability, but it’s not without challenges. Wind turbine blades, reaching for the skies, face the potent force of lightning. These strikes can compromise blade integrity, affecting efficiency and safety. Innovative solutions are key – from integrating conductive materials to advanced lightning detection systems.

This is where Wind Power LAB’s lightning surveillance service, LASSIE, steps in. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, LASSIE provides real-time monitoring of atmospheric conditions, offering crucial insights to operators. With lightning’s unpredictable nature, LASSIE empowers wind farms to make informed decisions, saving cost in operations after storms and minimising the risk of lightning-related damages propagating.

By combining the might of wind energy with intelligent monitoring, we not only ensure uninterrupted power generation but also safeguard wind farm operation against the elemental fury of lightning. Together, we’re writing a sustainable energy future. 

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