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Culture That Succeeds

Our Company Culture

Wind Power LAB offers a workplace based on trust, freedom to operate, and teamwork. We rely on your skills and expect you to help your team when you can. We solve challenging tasks and take on huge responsibility in our daily work with wind farm owners globally. We are successful in doing that when we are united as a team of experts. WPL operates with a fairly flat organizational structure, further encouraging our team to openly share and help each other where possible. We are as strong as our collective knowledge, and we operate with that idea in mind constantly.

Our motto is “doing the right thing, is always the right thing” – and we mean it.

Join The Industry Leader

We provide challenging tasks for our team members. All our services to the wind industry exist in the cross section of blade expertise and data analysis. At WPL, you are given the opportunity to embark on a career fuelled by the green transition, having a direct impact on operating wind farms efficiently.

You could potentially work with clients in defining next seasons blade repair scope, using your composite engineering skills to design a cost-effective repair campaign or work with state-of-the-art machine learning to better identify rare blade defect types, providing our blade experts with cognitive superpowers when doing blade assessments. There are many realms of blade expertise, and we are always looking for the best and brightest to join the Wind Power LAB team.

Know that your efforts matter

A career within WPL gifts the opportunity of 3 career paths: Data Science, Blade Specialist or Technical Project Management.

No matter the career path you enter, you will be trained by a senior team member as we find on the job training to ensure your integration within the team is as effective as possible. Personal growth is always encouraged and supported by the greater team as a rule. If you have a question or comment, ask, share, and collaborate with your teammates – the leading Blade Expertise team.

If you like working with challenging real-life problems and issues from the wind industry, then WPL is the place to work. We have high demands, expect you to take responsibility and be self-motivated. You will be exposed to demanding tasks, and we expect you to be a true team player, bringing a personal toolbox. 

We work based on trust, in you, in us, and in our team. It is all about the WPL team.

Why work with WPL?

If you would like to kick start your career in the wind industry, consider applying for a position with WPL. You will get a chance to work from the comfort of your desk, whilst also experiencing in-field operational execution, visiting wind farm sites around the globe.  Our inclusive culture speaks for itself and the cutting-edge initiatives that you will work on make a difference in the real world.

If you can see yourself in a role within Data Analytics, Blade Expertise – or a combination of both – then please consider joining our team.

We deliver blade expertise to keep wind turbines running efficiently.


Use your skills in AI/ML, data management or statistical analysis to ensure validity and actionable insights in the wind industry


Composite engineering, aerodynamic analysis, failure modes, structural integrity, lightning attachments, repair methodology or all of the above


Guide Teams through innovation projects, engage with stakeholders at all levels to ensure their needs are met with WPL industry leading solutions

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Wind Power LAB is a Danish company, founded in 2016 by a passionate group of wind power industry professionals. Our team of experts based in Copenhagen offers market leading expertise related to blade risk management. Our goal is to deliver the best available and robust solutions to empower our clients with the ability to make decisions to optimize their asset performance.